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Statins? (Not exactly work safe)

October 9th, 2010
This is full of F-bombs and the like. If dicey language offends you, go away, this will make you flop around on the floor with foam coming out yer nose. You’ve been warned.
In response to my assertion that Statins are ‘bad’ and an article i wrote on said:

So, Chef, according to you, for the millions of people who have taken lipitor it doesn’t work, and every doctor that prescribes that drug is wrong, lol
Yea right. I am sure it has some side effects, but f*ck so does everything nowadays….I would rather take that chance…..since I have been on lipitor my numbers have went back to normal.

Well then, at least this is not a subject I am passionate about… ;-)

‘I would rather take that chance’ to take a drug that will raise your mortality chances MORE than the condition you’re taking it for? Good call <rolls eyes>. In your words: ‘yea right’.

Remember, in medicine, the sheeple are always right. ‘Millions of people do it, so it must be the right thing to do.’ Are you f*cking kidding me? Seriously?

No, actually, the millions of people that take Lipitor are the same geniuses that eat ‘fat free food’ to the tune of 14+ BILLION dollars/year thinking that will make them lose ‘weight’ or is somehow ‘healthy’. Or the hundreds of millions of people that drink ‘Diet’ soda thinking they are some how mitigating body fat storage by doing so. Or the fools that spend BILLIONS of dollars to take meds to relieve the SYMPTOMS that manifest themselves as Type II Diabetes. Or the neandraphucks that think if they eat 60% of their diet from ‘complex’ carbs that somehow all hell wont break loose because their doctor, their government and every f*cking commercial for starchy shit food out there TOLD THEM that they need sh*tpiles of whole grain goodness and lots and lots of ‘complex’ carbs in their diet. F*cking madness. Read the rest of this entry »

Zone? Paleo? Yes.

December 16th, 2009

Short and sweet. Zone? Paleo? IF? Calorie/Carb Cycling? Pre and Post workout Nutrition? The answer might be yes…. do you have a question?

Fire away…

Chili & Fig Braised Short Ribs

The Paleo Zealots Dilema

August 9th, 2009

“What the hell do we do if everyone actually does what I tell them to do?!”

“REPENT!! EAT PALEO OR MEET THY FATE!!” … anyone that has crossed my path in the recent past has caught the hot end of the fork on my hopes that we can all eat the way nature intended, in a way that makes sense both on a physiological and economic level,  the way we might just be able to sustain (locally, that is the point of all the following rant).

All fire and brimstone, flowing samite robes and big f*ckoff white beard asside, something has been nagging at me and I was unaware of how profoundly it was bothering me until I tried to type this post. The rattling bones in the closet for me on this all this paleo-vangelism I spew forth, day in and day out, is what actually happens if everyone listens? Not just clients, our athletes, my friends and loved ones, I would consider the vast majority of my life a success with that level of achievement. What fills me with angst is what happens if EVERYONE goes Paleo? What if all marketing sway falters and real, fundamentally natual feeding rises as the one true path to the powers of the earth and EVERYONE EVERYONE decides to stop eating grains?

Uh oh… turn away from the fan! Read the rest of this entry »

Paleo Evangelism: ENOUGH already! Choose!

August 7th, 2009

I love rationalizations and indecision as much as the next fellow, but puhlease  STOP EXCUSING AWAY YOUR DECISIONS WITH “I CAN’Ts”!!!

Look, you really don’t have to hide it, I know more than a few of you panic and do a quick check of the nearest exit when The Paleo Evangelist in me gains purchase on the soapbox. Having a conversation with me about food or dietary science can be a little taxing on the patience: I have issues with shutting up and even bigger issues with those that fill their bushels with “I cant’s”.

Does any of this sound familiar?
“I can’t have my coffee without milk. Nope. Can’t do it. The earth’s crust would crack and swallow countless Nuns and innocent orphans if I even attempted something so fundamentally impossible.”

”Not eat pasta? I can’t do that. Nope. No way. Every one of the earth’s economies would falter and implode if I stopped eating refined wheat products. ’

Don’t forget the classic
”I can’t be bothered, It’s too time consuming to eat/live that way. I MUST have fast food crap twice a day because I need to work nonstop every minute to pay for the added health care I require because of all the shit I eat. I have to go now so I can master how to txt msg my boss with one hand while driving, eat a KrispyKreme and snort diet Coke at the same time. ”

and the tried and true crowd pleaser
“It costs too much to eat all that natural stuff. I can barely make ends meet with the cost of my diabetes meds and the added expense of my kids larger clothes every two weeks and the seven shot lattes I need every time my insulin avalanche causes my energy to hit rock bottom.”

No faster way to get me into high gear than to toss up a fine dusting of “I can’ts”:

No, actually, you CAN. You simply CHOOSE NOT TO. Fine by me, but… Read the rest of this entry »

and so it starts… 090804, 45 years, 1 day

August 4th, 2009

The first entry in my first blog leaves me experiencing a condition that most will attest is a rare plateau indeed for this oft abraisive, always overtly intense, champion of overstating the obvious and High Priest of the run-on sentence: where to start. Family, friends, mentors, students, athletes, clients, shop keepers, technical support lackeys and the occaisional absolute stranger will attest in rare unison that I have no talent whatsoever for arriving at the point of the matter in a form that might even loosely be called ‘brief’. So rather than search for some profound crap to spout about ‘why’ or ‘who’, I think I’ll do what I have done with almost every effort of worth (dubious or otherwise) that I have ever undertaken: I’ll just wing it.

The fact that you arrived here means one of a few not entrirely disseperate things: either you misspelled the url you intended to visit or by some stroke of absolute cosmic serendipitous genius the ice from the bourbon you just tossed onto your keyboard spelled out ‘cheffit’. You might have had the questionable fortune to read one or more of my fairly frequent  bitch/moan/celebrate/exalt/rants on any of a dozen or so sites that encompass the crux of my emotional biscuit.

Regardless of the possibility that you don’t know how or why you’re here, you’re going to get served a savory array of truly random musings. Mostly loud mouthed soap box evangelist evulsions on food science  and human movement sauced with fine natural reduction of loose politics, looser spiritualism and the more than occasional philosophical side dish. All this spent bandwidth is meant to define my boundries so I can be corrected by those wiser, focused by those more true and called to task by those more valiant.

Borrowed Wisdom

“ “Nothing Brings People together more, then mutual hatred””
by Henry Rollins