and so it starts… 090804, 45 years, 1 day

The first entry in my first blog leaves me experiencing a condition that most will attest is a rare plateau indeed for this oft abraisive, always overtly intense, champion of overstating the obvious and High Priest of the run-on sentence: where to start. Family, friends, mentors, students, athletes, clients, shop keepers, technical support lackeys and the occaisional absolute stranger will attest in rare unison that I have no talent whatsoever for arriving at the point of the matter in a form that might even loosely be called ‘brief’. So rather than search for some profound crap to spout about ‘why’ or ‘who’, I think I’ll do what I have done with almost every effort of worth (dubious or otherwise) that I have ever undertaken: I’ll just wing it.

The fact that you arrived here means one of a few not entrirely disseperate things: either you misspelled the url you intended to visit or by some stroke of absolute cosmic serendipitous genius the ice from the bourbon you just tossed onto your keyboard spelled out ‘cheffit’. You might have had the questionable fortune to read one or more of my fairly frequent  bitch/moan/celebrate/exalt/rants on any of a dozen or so sites that encompass the crux of my emotional biscuit.

Regardless of the possibility that you don’t know how or why you’re here, you’re going to get served a savory array of truly random musings. Mostly loud mouthed soap box evangelist evulsions on food science  and human movement sauced with fine natural reduction of loose politics, looser spiritualism and the more than occasional philosophical side dish. All this spent bandwidth is meant to define my boundries so I can be corrected by those wiser, focused by those more true and called to task by those more valiant.

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Borrowed Wisdom

“ "I feel the same way about disco as I do about herpes."”
by Hunter S. Thompson