Paleo Evangelism: ENOUGH already! Choose!

I love rationalizations and indecision as much as the next fellow, but puhlease  STOP EXCUSING AWAY YOUR DECISIONS WITH “I CAN’Ts”!!!

Look, you really don’t have to hide it, I know more than a few of you panic and do a quick check of the nearest exit when The Paleo Evangelist in me gains purchase on the soapbox. Having a conversation with me about food or dietary science can be a little taxing on the patience: I have issues with shutting up and even bigger issues with those that fill their bushels with “I cant’s”.

Does any of this sound familiar?
“I can’t have my coffee without milk. Nope. Can’t do it. The earth’s crust would crack and swallow countless Nuns and innocent orphans if I even attempted something so fundamentally impossible.”

”Not eat pasta? I can’t do that. Nope. No way. Every one of the earth’s economies would falter and implode if I stopped eating refined wheat products. ’

Don’t forget the classic
”I can’t be bothered, It’s too time consuming to eat/live that way. I MUST have fast food crap twice a day because I need to work nonstop every minute to pay for the added health care I require because of all the shit I eat. I have to go now so I can master how to txt msg my boss with one hand while driving, eat a KrispyKreme and snort diet Coke at the same time. ”

and the tried and true crowd pleaser
“It costs too much to eat all that natural stuff. I can barely make ends meet with the cost of my diabetes meds and the added expense of my kids larger clothes every two weeks and the seven shot lattes I need every time my insulin avalanche causes my energy to hit rock bottom.”

No faster way to get me into high gear than to toss up a fine dusting of “I can’ts”:

No, actually, you CAN. You simply CHOOSE NOT TO. Fine by me, but… …speak plainly, m’kay? You CHOOSE not to… You CHOOSE to suffer from the litany of nasties we all know come from eating ‘engineered’ foods, you CHOOSE to live in the fetid swamp of auto-immune disorders and gastro-intestinal compromise that come from eating gluten and grains, you CHOOSE to drag your chronically inflamed arse down the path completely avoidable disease factors that will not only end your life prematurely but while you continue to support companies that KNOW you CHOOSE convenience over sanity and will continue to milk a profit out of your CHOSEN willing ignorance at the expense of your very existence.” (Run on sentences make me giddy, me thinks.)

Now, I have family and friends that flip me the figurative middle finger and say, ‘Look, that’s all peaches and coconut milk for you, FoodFreak, but I don’t WANT and knowingly CHOOSE NOT TO do what you do, come what may. So f*ck off, with love, but f*ck off.” … who can argue with that? I don’t agree but in the end it’s not my life. I would rather that my tax dollars not go to patching the holes they chewed in their own buckets, but that’s another article all together.

Finally, I shouldn’t be casting stones. I at a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich and enough phenominally good ice cream to make Mike Moore do a double-take (a vacation choice I have made this past week)

The point is, you KNOW what needs to be done to get to that place you have wasted so much time hemming and hawing about… GET MOVING. NOW! I will spare no kind words for the “I can’ters” that would rather rationalize away their lives than take one solid, perhaps frightening and painful, step FORWARD.

Now, if you approach me and whisper, ‘But, Cheffy, I don’t know HOW…” then you have a partner, a brother, a mentor, a comrade in arms that will move a mountain with his bare hands just to get you to a point where you know how. My dream is that you will learn WHY as well as HOW, and care enough to pay that forward.

2 Responses to “Paleo Evangelism: ENOUGH already! Choose!”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I stumbled upon your blog from Urban Gets Diesel and this is the first post I have read. Your writing is phenomenally frank and is enjoyable. I completely agree that people need to start thinking about this as a choice. I have been tiptoeing around paleo/primal for a while but have finally committed myself to kick the grain habit for good. Posts and websites like this really help when motivation gets low and peer pressure gets high. Thanks.


  2. Meaghan Says:

    A wise soul and a gentle spriit…you are a precious warrior indeed.

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