Zone? Paleo? Yes.

Short and sweet. Zone? Paleo? IF? Calorie/Carb Cycling? Pre and Post workout Nutrition? The answer might be yes…. do you have a question?

Fire away…

Chili & Fig Braised Short Ribs

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  1. K@CFW Says:

    Great- but you may regret what happens the next few days…lol
    I am doing a 12 block/day paleo/zone, my questions are:
    1) Do you think it’s detrimental to overall performance to eat far less some days than others? like an 8 or9 blk day every few days? (Somedays I’m just not that hungry)
    2)HOW DO I COOK FOOD WITH NO FAT?! I don’t use non-stick cookwear, 1/3tsp of butter isn’t gonna stuff not stick! lol If I “skin the zone” for extra fat so I can cook, should I then skin the zone for the rest of the day? or can I just cherrypick whick meals to do it in?
    Thanks, that is all for now, I’ll be back ;-)

  2. Chef Says:

    Hi K., First things first… what’s your NAME!? :-) (era of interweb anonymity and all that just doesnt sway with me. We are about to talk about the most important thing in your life, YOUR HEALTH. That puts you and I on a first name basis, I hope!. Hi, My name is David but some of my best friends call me Chef. Either works well for me…. ;-P

    Now, here we go: The more questions you ask, the smarter I get. I have learned more in the past 20 years from people asking serious questions than I did in eight years of school, so pile it on! There is possibly no cooler activity on this earth than learning new stuff, so help me out and ask a LOT of questions!

    Let’s find out a couple of hard data points together that might make adapting a solid Paleo lifestyle to the zone. Please share some stats with me? Height, weight, est. bodyfat percentage, basic training schedule, are you doing the WODs as RX’d? Have you just recently started or have you been doing CF for some time? … and the most important question of all, by far, WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS? What do you want from this new phase in your eating? By having a real answer to that last question you can eliminate a lot of false starts and really focus on the targets, both long and short term.

    Hit me with the facts and we’ll whoop it’s ass from there…

  3. K@CFW Says:

    Hi Chef! My name is Kathrine, they just call me K @ CFW. Pam was so kind as to work up our block scripts 4 us… I’m at 63.5″ /180.6#/36.45% b.f./ 114.8 lean mass.
    Due to a back injury I am forced to modify several movements at the moment. Im headed into almost 2 yrs of CF on and off {most recently on though :) }. I am WODing 3-4 times a week but all light (in weight) WOD’s…. I did the zone briefly when I first started CFto try it out, so measuring and prep time im familiar with lol The last few months I was eating Paleo about 75% of the time… Of course, lose weight is a reason 4 me to be on the zone in the short term- but I REALLY want pullups, and I REALLY want to up my lifts- I like heavy stuff lol Increased power is deff a long term goal.
    :) ok, let’s whoop some ass then!!!

  4. zynga Says:

    i was beginning to sense i might probably be the sole woman which cared about this, at the least currently i know i’m not outlandish :) i will make it a point to find out more about a few other threads right after i get a little caffeine in me, it is actually tough to read with out my coffee, I was unbelivably late last evening jamming myspace poker and after drinking a few brewskies i ended up losing all my zynga poker chips adios for now :)

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