Statins? (Not exactly work safe)

This is full of F-bombs and the like. If dicey language offends you, go away, this will make you flop around on the floor with foam coming out yer nose. You’ve been warned.
In response to my assertion that Statins are ‘bad’ and an article i wrote on said:

So, Chef, according to you, for the millions of people who have taken lipitor it doesn’t work, and every doctor that prescribes that drug is wrong, lol
Yea right. I am sure it has some side effects, but f*ck so does everything nowadays….I would rather take that chance…..since I have been on lipitor my numbers have went back to normal.

Well then, at least this is not a subject I am passionate about… ;-)

‘I would rather take that chance’ to take a drug that will raise your mortality chances MORE than the condition you’re taking it for? Good call <rolls eyes>. In your words: ‘yea right’.

Remember, in medicine, the sheeple are always right. ‘Millions of people do it, so it must be the right thing to do.’ Are you f*cking kidding me? Seriously?

No, actually, the millions of people that take Lipitor are the same geniuses that eat ‘fat free food’ to the tune of 14+ BILLION dollars/year thinking that will make them lose ‘weight’ or is somehow ‘healthy’. Or the hundreds of millions of people that drink ‘Diet’ soda thinking they are some how mitigating body fat storage by doing so. Or the fools that spend BILLIONS of dollars to take meds to relieve the SYMPTOMS that manifest themselves as Type II Diabetes. Or the neandraphucks that think if they eat 60% of their diet from ‘complex’ carbs that somehow all hell wont break loose because their doctor, their government and every f*cking commercial for starchy shit food out there TOLD THEM that they need sh*tpiles of whole grain goodness and lots and lots of ‘complex’ carbs in their diet. F*cking madness.

No, these are the people that take their diet and health advice from doctors that are driven by research made by companies that make their money SELLING YOU DRUGS TO MASK THE SYMPTOMS OF DISEASE because there is not one dime to be made on disease PREVENTION. It is in their very best interest for you be and remain alive, but sick. Healthy people DON’T BUY LIPITOR. Snake oil salesmen, I kid you f*cking not.

Just like the sheep that take Alleve/Tylenol/Ibuprofin EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THEIR LIVES to mask a SYMPTOM and never, ever do ANYTHING about the CAUSE. How’s your liver, now? Swiss cheese? Spotted like a hyena’s ass?

And yes, as a matter of fact, those doctors ARE wrong in the assumption that the risks of statin use outweigh the benefits. The fact is that it DOES lower your cholesterol and the the fact is you DONT NEED ITS HELP to do so. YOU CAN DO THE SAME DAMN THING ON YOUR OWN WITHOUT SPENDING A SINGLE DOLLAR ON MEDS.

I have one word, that if you remove it from you diet your cholesterol numbers and glubule size will run so fast into the green zone your head will spin. By the way, this omission can also not only drop your triglycerides from in the 300s to below 75 in as little as 30 days, but removing some kind of millions-to-one chance of a genetic anomaly, it will CURE you of hyperinsulinemia, hypertension, hypertriglyceridemia and obesity. I said CURE, not mask the symptoms with some bullshit drug.


Don’t take my word for it. Get your blood work done, then Knock your carb intake down to below a hundred grams a day and NEVER EVER get it from starches except PWO. Wait 60 days, get your panels done again. Tell me what changed…. and no, there are no f*cking cheat days or ‘refeeds’ or any of that shit. You want to KNOW?! or guess? Once you KNOW you can tweak and experiment as you like, but don’t come back and say: “that shit was whacked, my numbers didn’t do what you said, I only cheated twice a week and changed this and this and this. You must be wrong.’ Do it right, do it so you KNOW. Then decide. What is a two month experiment in being healthy compared to a f*cking lifetime of being a slave to drug that exists only to make someone else a profit? You LIKE being taken for a ride? You like being f*cked for money? If that’s the case, I have some land under the Brooklyn Bridge you can get for real cheap.

Tell you what I have no f*cking time for, ever, not even a little. “Yeah, that might work, but I cant live without XXXXXXX every day (insert bullshit here: oatmeal, brown rice, honey, pasta, loads of fruit, quinoi, etc). Its really easy: eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, very little fruit, almost no starch and absolutely no sugar. Period. Get your meats from grass fed sources so your Omega3/6 ratio isn’t totally wacked and for the first thirty days, take one gram of fish oil for ever 10lbs of body-weight/day. The next thirty days, take .5g/10lbs BW. then get your numbers done. Be sure to ask for globule size on the cholesterol, too.

You have, what you perceive is ‘bad’ cholesterol? DO something active about curing the CAUSE. Lipitor/Statins just work on the symptom. When you stop taking them because your numbers are now ‘healthy” and keep eating the same shit and find yourself right back where you started: spending $$$ on their drug. Exactly what they want and exactly what they plan on. They’re in the business of making money, not educating YOU, after all.

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  1. Justin Bacon Says:

    Great article Chef.

    What’s PWO????

  2. Apolloswabbie Says:
    This is a 2008 article, but I know of nothing that’s happened since then that would ‘water down’ the point. Bottom line – there’s a very small population which has been proved to benefit in all cause mortality by using statins. And even that population would be better served by following the ‘no sugar’ advice.

  3. Apolloswabbie Says:
    As to particle size, this about sums it up

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